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AutoEntry and Sage for Accountants - FAQ
AutoEntry and Sage for Accountants - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Sage for Accountants and AutoEntry integration.

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What is Sage for Accountants?

Sage for Accountants is a platform for accountants. When you sign up for this suite, you can add client tools, earn discounts, and get everything you need to support your clients on their journey to becoming digital.

As part of the suite, you can add AutoEntry as one of your additional tools.

Who is this available for?

Currently Sage for Accountants is only available in the UK.

New Client Management accounts get AutoEntry as part of their subscription. If you had an existing Client Management before Sage for Accountants was introduced, you can obtain an AutoEntry subscription from within your 'manage subscriptions' page.

How do I access AutoEntry?

After you connect your client to AutoEntry, you can access your client's AutoEntry at any time from their Client details page in Sage for Accountants.

Can I access AutoEntry from the AutoEntry website?

You must log into Sage for Accountants to access AutoEntry. You won't be able to log in via the AutoEntry website

Can I disconnect from AutoEntry if I no longer need to use it?

You can disconnect AutoEntry from your client at any point. This can be done on the Product tab while viewing your client homepage.

Is there a company I can use for practice use?

Yes there is, you can access this via your navigation bar in Client Management.

What permissions are needed to access AutoEntry?

The business owner can always access it by default. Any Client Management users you add are added as AutoEntry users automatically.

What if I already have AutoEntry?

To use AutoEntry integrated with Sage for Accountants you would have to create a separate Client Management Account with a different email address to your existing AutoEntry account.

Is there in-app support for AutoEntry?

You can access the AutoEntry Help Centre with hundreds of guides. You can also use the chat widget to contact our dedicated AutoEntry experts.

📎NOTE: Your chat widget won't appear if you have chosen to disable Cookies. You can access our chat support by going to the AutoEntry Help Centre.

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