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Integration Status 'Barred'/'No Entry' symbol
Integration Status 'Barred'/'No Entry' symbol

Integration status in the inbox says the integration has failed? Not quite....

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The "Integration Status" on your AutoEntry home page shows the current status of the integration between AutoEntry and your accounts package. Seeing a 'no entry' symbol does not mean that AutoEntry needs to be disconnected and reconnected (integrated) to your accounts package, or that the integration has failed. There will be a reason below the 'barred' icon as to why an error has occurred.

Applies To

  • Any company integrated with an accounting software.


Generally, the integration status will display the correct tick icon shown below:

Some accounts packages also show the client name you have connected to as above.

The most common reason for the 'barred'/'no entry' icon appearing is if AutoEntry tried to publish invoices through to the integrated accounts package but some invoices couldn't publish. In the example shown below, AutoEntry tried to publish 1 invoice to Xero but it failed to publish. 

If an invoices fails to publish there will be a red exclamation triangle beside that invoice that you can click on to see the error.

Changing a username or password in your accounts package can also break the connection between AutoEntry and your accounts package, prompting the 'barred' icon to appear.

Additional Information

  • If you have newly integrated with Sage 50 and are seeing this icon, this is usually just indicating that your Sage data has not synced yet. To resolve this, just resync your data and ensure that your sync app is open.

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