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Viewing a full list of all files that have been uploaded to and processed for a company or folder

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This article will provide an overview of AutoEntry's All Activity tab, along with the features accessible in its Uploaded Files and Processed Items sections.

How to access the All Activity tab

The All Activity tab can be found on the left-hand side of your screen after logging in.

What is this page for?

Under the All Activity tab, you have full visibility of all files (Purchases, Supplier Statements, Sales, Bank Statements and Expenses) that have been uploaded and processed by AutoEntry across all the companies set up on your account. It also shows the movements and activity of these documents after processing (edited, moved, published, downloaded, rejected etc.) and the user who undertook these actions.

If you have uploaded a file and want to check on its progress, or if you're not sure if an upload was successful (due to internet signal dropping etc.) there are several ways to search for it. Uploaded files generally appear in the activity within about a minute after the upload completes (this may take a little longer for emailed files depending on the format of the email).

Uploaded Files

To see all files uploaded to a particular folder for a particular company click on All Activity, then:

  1. Select the Uploaded Files tab to the left of the page.

  2. From the search menu across the top, using the drop-down menus, select the folder (Purchases/Supplier Statements/Sales/Bank Statements/Expenses), then the company and a date range, if necessary.

  3. You can also filter by User activity and the document's current status if you know it (all statuses are shown by default).

  4. All files are shown in date order by default. Clicking on any of the headings will sort the listing by that heading if desired.

You can also use the standard search box to the far right to search for a specific file name. For example, if you know the original name for the uploaded file but can't find a specific invoice from that file, you can use the original file name to confirm the file was uploaded.

Across the page, you'll see the details for each upload.

Processed Items

To see all items processed to a particular folder for a particular company, click on All Activity, then:

  1. Select the Processed Items tab to the left of the page.

  2. Processed items or files are initially sorted by the most recent activity on the files. The invoices/items can be sorted by the column headings if required by clicking on the column heading.

  3. You can also search by filtering using the dropdown menus to the right.

The Processed Items page shows:

  • View Icon - the View button/blue eye icon to the left can be clicked to view the invoice and extracted data

  • Doc ID - a unique identifier number applied to each invoice uploaded to AutoEntry

  • User - The user who last updated the item/file

  • Last Action - Approve/Edit/Archive/Release/Move

  • Date - Time and date of the last action

  • Status - Where the invoice/item is now

  • Details - Brief details of the invoice or a reason if the invoice was rejected

  • Source File - Link to download the file image

In the example below we can see 3 invoices and their respective status and details:

The Activity page is a record of all files uploaded to a company. Therefore, once a file has been uploaded, it cannot be removed from the Activity list.

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