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An overview of AutoEntry's mobile app for iOS and Android.

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The AutoEntry mobile app makes it easier to upload invoices and/or receipts on the go, and directly from your phone.

Who is the mobile app for?

The mobile app is ideal for accountants, bookkeepers, business owners or anyone who generally needs to upload invoices and receipts. Using your phone, you can quickly snap and upload documents to your AutoEntry account.

For staff on the move, it is a full expense capture and reporting tool. The mobile app allows you to upload and edit expense receipts, create manual and mileage expenses, and compile and submit reports for approval. All of this without needing to log into the AutoEntry website.

We also recommend using a scanner for full-size invoices (A4 style invoices) as small text in a photo can make it difficult to extract information accurately.

Where can I get the Mobile App?

AutoEntry is available for free on both Android and iPhone.

How do I log in?

Log into the mobile app with your regular AutoEntry email and password.

Navigate between companies and folders

If you have access to multiple companies or folders, you can easily navigate between them by tapping the company name (at the bottom of most pages) and selecting a different folder. You will only see folders you already have permission to upload to.

📌TIP: If your permissions change, log out and then log back in to see the company list/folders update.

Home Screen

This home screen displays a dedicated queue for uploads that are still in the processing phase, and ones that have already finished processing.

Refresh option

Use a "Pull to Refresh" action in the company switcher to see new information in your company lists.

Snap and upload receipts

The mobile app uses your device's built-in camera app. Simply tap Add a Receipt to start snapping photos of your receipts and upload them to AutoEntry.

📎NOTE: While the app can be used for full-size invoices (A4 style invoices) we recommend you use a scanner. Small text in a photo can make accurate extraction difficult.

Settings Menu

The settings menu (accessible via the three lines at the top left corner of any other screen) allows you to:

  • Open an in-app chat with our Support team

  • Submit documents via Email (for multi-page uploads)

  • Log out

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