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An overview of AutoEntry's mobile app for IOS and Android!

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The mobile app makes life easier for anyone who uploads invoices and/or receipts - accountants, bookkeepers and business owners alike!

This overview will go through the following:

Who is the Mobile App for?

For accountants, bookkeepers and business owners it is a handy tool to quickly snap and upload new invoices, bills and receipts to their AutoEntry account.

For staff on the move, it is a full expense capture and reporting tool. The mobile app allows you to upload and edit expense receipts, create manual and mileage expenses, compile and submit reports for approval, all without needing to log into the AutoEntry web app.

Please note: The app does not support bank statement uploads. For full size invoices (A4 style invoices) we recommend using a scanner as small text in a photo can make accurate extraction difficult.

Where can I get the Mobile App?

AutoEntry is available for free on both Android and iPhone. Search for AutoEntry in your App/Play Store.

  • We recommend updating to your latest OS version for the best performance.

  • Supports most devices running Android 5.0 or higher.

  • Please contact Support via web chat if you want to check a particular model!

How to Use the Mobile App

Log into the mobile app with your regular AutoEntry account details (email and password). This is only required after a fresh install, or if you have manually logged out of the app. Please note that you will only be able to log into your AutoEntry account via the Mobile App if you have created your account on the desktop site, and added at least one company.

If you have forgotten the password, please reset it here.

Please note that you must first have an existing AutoEntry account, with permission to upload Purchases, Sales or Expense Reports of at least one company. If you have been invited to AutoEntry by an account holder, please follow the link in the invite email and set up your account through the AutoEntry website first. Learn about adding users and setting permissions here.

Please note - while the app can be used for full-size invoices (A4 style invoices) we recommend using a scanner as small text in a photo can make accurate extraction difficult.

Navigate between Companies and Folders

  • If you have access to multiple companies or folders, you can easily navigate between them by tapping the company name (at the bottom of most pages) and selecting a different folder. 

  • You will only see folders you already have permission to upload to. 

  • If your permissions change, log out and back in to see the company list/folders update.

  • If you have not yet created a company on AutoEntry, you will be prompted to do so on the web app.

Home Screen

This view displays a dedicated queue for uploads that are still in the processing phase, and ones that have already finished processing.

Refresh option

A "Pull to Refresh" action will be usable in the company switcher, allowing you to see new information in your company lists.

Snap and Upload Receipts

The mobile app will utilise your device's built-in camera app. Simply click Add a Receipt to start snapping photos of your receipts!

Settings Menu

The settings menu (accessible via the three lines at the top left corner of any other screen) allows you to:

  • Open an in-app chat with our Support team

  • Submit documents via Email (for multi-page uploads)

  • Log out

Additional Information

Temporarily Unavailable Features

Some features of the previous mobile app have been made unavailable on a temporary basis in the new application's first version.

These features are outlined in more detail below, along with steps you can use in the meantime to continue working without them.

Multi-Upload and Fast Mode

The Multi-Upload function allows you to select multiple files from your device's photo gallery and upload them all together as a zip file.

Uploading in Fast Mode allows you to take multiple consecutive photos and upload them in a single batch.


While Multi-Upload and Fast Mode will be temporarily unavailable in the new mobile app, you will see a different selection screen for uploads:

  1. From the Choose Upload Method screen, click Select Multiple Files (Beta).

  2. You will be redirected to an email creation screen, with the recipient pre-filled as per the company and document folder you are uploading documents to.

  3. From there, you can select multiple images from your photo gallery and attach them to the email.

Please note

Due to the email document attachment limit, the upload size limit per batch is 25MB. You will still be able to view the processing phases of these documents within the mobile app after they have been uploaded.


The Append function allows you to capture multi-page invoices and receipts.


The same workaround as the Multi-Upload and Fast Mode functions can be applied here; you will be redirected to an email upload screen, and our system will process the files as a single item.

Alternatively, you still have the option to upload documents via the AutoEntry web app!

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