Who is the Mobile App for?

For accountants, bookkeepers and business owners it is a handy tool to quickly snap and upload new invoices, bills and receipts to their AutoEntry account.

For staff on the move, it is a full expense capture and reporting tool. The mobile app allows you to upload and edit expense receipts, create manual and mileage expenses, compile and submit reports for approval, all without needing to log into AutoEntry desktop website.

Please note: The app does not support bank statement uploads. For full size invoices (A4 style invoices) we recommend using a scanner as small text in a photo can make accurate extraction difficult.

Where can I get the Mobile App?

AutoEntry is available for free on both Android and iPhone. Simply search for AutoEntry (all one word) in your app/play store.

Our latest release, v3.0.15 with Expense Reports, is supported on devices running at least iOS 10 or Android 5.0.

  • We recommend updating to your latest OS version for the best performance.

  • Supports most devices running Android 5.0 or higher.

  • Not available on Oreo Go.

  • Please contact support chat if you want to check a particular model!

How to Use the Mobile App

Log into the mobile app with your regular AutoEntry account details (email and password). This is only required after a fresh install, or if you have manually logged out of the app. Please note that you will only be able to login to your AutoEntry account via the Mobile App if you have created your account on the desktop site, and added at least one company.

If you have forgotten the password, please reset it here

Please note that you must first have an existing AutoEntry account, with permission to upload to Purchases, Sales or Expense Reports of at least one company. If you have been invited to AutoEntry by an account holder, please follow the link in the invite email and set up your account through the AutoEntry website first. Learn about adding users and setting permissions here.

While the app can be used for full size invoices (A4 style invoices) we recommend using a scanner as small text in a photo can makes accurate extraction difficult.

Navigate between Companies and Folders:

  • If you have access to multiple companies or folders, you can easily navigate between them by tapping the company name (at the top of most pages) and selecting a different folder. 

  • You will only see folders you already have permission to upload to. 

  • If your permissions change, log out and back in to see the company list/folders update.

View list of Invoices and Expenses:

  • This view displays all uploads you have previously made to that folder, whether by web, email or mobile app, and their current status.

  •  If you have not uploaded any files yet, it will be a blank page.

  • Click the blue camera icon at the bottom to start snapping new items for upload.

Snap and Upload - Single Mode:

  • Tap the blue circle to take a snap of your document,  or tap the picture icon to select from photos in your phone's gallery.

  • Review the image quality and add details such as a description, expense category and tracking category (where set up) before tapping the green upload button.

  • Retake if image is blurry, or you use Append for multi-page receipts and invoices.

Snap and Upload - Fast Mode:

  • Fast mode allows you to take multiple consecutive photos and upload them in a single batch. 

  • Select the Fast Mode tab and tap the blue button to take the first snap 

  • A counter will show on the blue button to keep track of how many images you have already taken.

  • On iOS there is a hard limit of 25 images per batch, but the Android app can handle 100. 

  • There is no ability to add descriptions or categories to Fast Mode uploads, but tap the blue 'x' to review and delete any incorrect images.

  • Tap the green button to upload the batch.

Monitor progress of your Uploads:

  • After confirming an upload for either Single or Fast Mode, you will be brought back to the list view.

  • New uploads will be grouped at the top of this list under "Uploads in Progress".

  • Items should progress quickly through the 'uploading' state. If this takes more than a few seconds it may be due to an interrupted data/wifi connection. Please try tapping to open the item and then Cancel > Retry Upload. 

  • 'Processing' means the upload was successful, our servers have received your photos and are working on extraction and processing.  

  • 'Pending' means the app has been unable to start the upload. This may be due to there being no data/wifi connection available, or that the accounts permissions or password has changed since last logging in to the mobile app.

  • Once processing has completed, these items will be removed from the "Uploads in Progress" queue and appear in the list below.

Settings and  Log out:

  • Select wifi only mode to conserve mobile data

  • Start an in-app chat with our Customer Support team

  • Clear any cached items from older versions of the app (iOS only). 

  • Log out

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