The app is used for snapping pictures of purchase, sales and expenses  invoices/receipts and is very easy to use. When you log in to the app, you can call up your list of companies and upload to any company on your account. Then it's simply point and snap! 

  • While the app can be used for fullsize invoices (A4 style invoices) we recommend using a scanner as the text can be so small in a photo as to make the extraction difficult.

Use your AutoEntry email and password to log in: 

The app will open automatically on the list of companies on your account. To change company, simply click on the company name at the top of the page and choose the company you want to upload to:

Now you're ready to go!
The page that opens is an overview of invoices that have been uploaded to AutoEntry already. If you have not uploaded any files yet, it'll be a blank page. Now click the blue button at the bottom to take your first snap:

Centre the invoice/receipt and fill the screen as much as possible and take the photo! You can turn the flash on/off on this screen too and also select a photo already taken from your phones photo library. Fast mode allows you to take multiple photos of multiple receipts without having to confirm each photo for upload:

Once you have taken the photo simply click 'Upload' to upload the image to AutoEntry! It's that simple. Before uploading you can select to take the photo again if the quality is poor and also to append a second page to the image (for multi page receipts/invoices). If you use tracking categories in your accounting software you can select a tracking category here before uploading too (fast mode skips this page).

We will now see the list of receipts again showing our new photo is 'Uploading' and then 'Processing' (or 'Pending' if set to Wi-Fi only mode) along with the progress of other invoices/receipts on your account:

You will also see the settings button to the top right which allows you to select wi-fi only mode, contact for our support team, to take a tour of the app and to clear any cached items from older versions of the app. The option to log out is also at the bottom of the page:

And that's it!

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