This guide will show you how to add credits to your account on a "pay as you go" basis.

As well as purchasing a subscription, you also have the option to purchase credits in bulk. This is a once-off purchase of credits so you can get some extra credits without affecting your subscription. Or, without a subscription, it's a simple once-off purchase!

How to buy credits in bulk

  1. To purchase credits in bulk, you will need to go to your Account Settings. Your Account Settings page is located on the left hand side of your homepage.

  2. On the Subscription and Billing tab, select + Purchase Credits in Bulk.

  3. Select the number of credits you require (the currency is automatic). Enter your card details and click 'Purchase' at the bottom of the window.

Please note

  • The cost of purchasing credits in bulk may be slightly more expensive per credit than purchasing a subscription.

  • Once the purchase is added, the credits are automatically on your account within a minute or two.

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