This article will provide you with a list of file types that can be successfully uploaded to AutoEntry for extraction.

Applies To

  • Users uploading documents via email or their web browser.


AutoEntry will accept and process the following file types:

  • PDF

  • TIFF & TIF

  • JPEG

  • .doc & .docx (Word files)

  • .xlsx (Excel files)

Just to note, the processing time can be a little longer than the average (1-2 hours) for Word (.doc, .docx) and Excel (.xlsx.) file formats.

Irrespective of file type, screenshots will be rejected

Additional Information

  • AutoEntry will also not be able to extract any data from .ZIP or password protected documents. More information on this can be found here.

  • There are certain column headings you will need to include if you are uploading an Excel file to AutoEntry. These can be found here.

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