This article will provide you with a list of file types that can be successfully uploaded to AutoEntry for extraction.

Accepted file types

AutoEntry will accept and process the following file types:

  • PDF

  • TIFF & TIF

  • JPEG

  • .doc & .docx (Word files)

  • .xlsx (Excel files)

Just to note, the processing time can be a little longer than the average (1-2 hours) for Word (.doc, .docx) and Excel (.xlsx.) file formats.

Irrespective of file type, screenshots will be rejected.

Rejected file types

  • .ZIP

  • RAR

  • File Folders

  • Password Protected .PDFs

What invoice data is required for Excel file uploads?

When you are uploading an Excel file, it should contain the minimum invoice data needed for processing. Please only include one invoice per Excel file.

Example of data required:

  • Supplier name

  • Invoice date

  • Invoice number

  • Net, VAT and Total amounts

  • Invoice line items (if applicable):

  • Description

  • Unit price (optional)

  • Quantity (optional)

  • Line items VAT

  • Line items Net amount (with currency)

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