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Remembered Supplier, Category and VAT Codes
Remembered Supplier, Category and VAT Codes

How AutoEntry's 'Remember?' function works.

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AutoEntry has the capability to remember Supplier/Customer, Category and VAT codes on an invoice after they have been entered previously.

How do I set this up?

When you have selected the Supplier/Customer, Category and Tax code for an invoice in either the inbox list view or in the single invoice view, AutoEntry will ask if you want these selections to be remembered.

Clicking Yes will save these selections as a default for that supplier. They will then be auto-filled for every invoice already processed and in the future. For invoices where there is a VAT summary present, AutoEntry will also remember the individual selections per VAT rate.

For a once-off invoice where a specific category or tax code is required, clicking No will not save the selection, and all future invoices will keep using the default selection.

Please note

Remembered codes are assigned based on the relevant VAT code. Due to this, AutoEntry can only allow one set of Remembered codes per VAT percentage, eg. it would not be possible to 'remember' multiple sets of codes for various VAT codes all relating to 0% VAT. Instead, these would need to replace the initial set of Remembered codes relating to a 0% VAT code.

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  • The default selections for any supplier can be viewed/edited under the Supplier Settings page.

  • The Remember function also works for the Mark as Paid feature where AutoEntry will remember your mark as paid selections for that particular supplier.

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