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How to Share an Invoice Image Link from your Inbox
How to Share an Invoice Image Link from your Inbox

Why is there a Share option on my invoice?

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The share option allows a user to share an invoice with a colleague/client/external person.

How do I share an invoice?

To share an invoice image, click on the Share button to the top right while viewing a single invoice.

A pop-up window will appear with a link to the invoice image that can be copied and shared. There is a link to Company Settings within the pop-up window if your share settings need to be changed.

The link allows for a download of the invoice image only. It does not grant the receiver of the link access to AutoEntry in any way.

How can I edit my company's share settings?

The settings for sharing an invoice can be amended in your Company Settings:

  • Public - Anyone with the link can view the image.

  • Private - An account with AutoEntry is required to view the image.

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