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Company Settings Overview
Company Settings Overview

An overview of your Company Settings tab.

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This article will go through each setting that can be altered within your Company Settings page. Click on any of the headings listed below to jump to that section:

How to access Company Settings

To get to the Company Settings page, you can select the Company Settings button on the left-hand side of your company homepage.

On the left-hand side of the Company Settings page, you will see headings for the following:

1. Company Details

  • Billing A/c shows the email address of the billing user associated with the company.

  • Company Name allows you to edit the company name. If integrated with an accounts package this name must match the name of the company within that package.

  • Company Location shows the home country of the company.

  • Currency shows the base currency for the company. AutoEntry will automatically convert foreign currency invoices back to this home currency. If integrated with an accounts package or if files have already been uploaded to this company, this setting cannot be changed. If you need to change the currency, we would recommend creating a new company and making sure to assign the correct base currency upon creation. Any invoices/bills already uploaded to the original company can then be moved to the new company. The original company can then be deleted.

  • Date Format shows the date format to be used when publishing invoices.

2. Accounting Settings

  • Reference in Accounting Software controls what reference number is used for invoices when published to your accounting software.

    • Invoice Number uses the invoice number extracted from the invoice.

    • An AutoEntry Id is an individual number created by AutoEntry for each invoice.

  • Turning on Suggested Supplier/Customer Accounts means that AutoEntry will compare the name of the invoice as extracted to the list of suppliers imported from your accounting software. If it finds a match, AutoEntry will fill in the supplier/customer account automatically with that account.

  • Suggested Supplier/Customer Accounts by AutoEntry will be highlighted by the blue tab in the corner of the supplier/customer field.

  • Not Registered for VAT will allow you to set your company as such. Please click here for more info.

  • VAT Period Reporting enables tagging of invoices for Vat period reporting. Please click here for more info.

  • Purchases - settings specific to Purchase invoices:

    • Default VAT Codes - allows you to set a default VAT/Tax code whereby AutoEntry will automatically populate the VAT code for you where the VAT extracted on the invoice matches your preferred default tax rate. Click here for more information.

    • The Default Due Date setting allows you to set this for both Purchase and Sales invoices, before posting to your accounting software. Click here for more info.

    • Capture Line Items is available as an option for all invoices/bills processed by AutoEntry. Click here for more info.

  • Sales - Settings specific to Sales invoices:

    • Default Sales Category - If you categorise all Sales invoices to the same nominal (e.g. the Sales account), you can set it here. AutoEntry will then assign that nominal category to all Sales invoices for you.

    • Default Vat Codes - same as above in Purchases

    • Capture Line Items - same as above in Purchases

3. Notifications

  • Notification Emails allows you to set the email addresses that will receive a notification email when documents have been processed. Click here for more info.

4. Mailbox Settings

  • Mailbox Details shows the email addresses that are automatically generated by AutoEntry when a company is being set up, using the name of the company for the address. Click here for more info.

5. Additional Details

You can add any client reference number or ID to the company name when viewing the inbox along with the client type. These details will then show below the company name.

6. Preferences

  • Archive Invoices gives you the option to automatically archive your invoices after they have been published to your accounts package. Click here for more info.

  • Shared Links controls who can access a shared image from AutoEntry externally. Click here for more info.

  • Show Invoice Number will display invoice numbers in the Inbox and Archived folder for Purchases and Sales, without you having to click into the invoice to view it.

7. File Management

This gives you the option to have AutoEntry delete a file from the File Management folder automatically after is has been submitted for processing. Full details on File Management can be found here.

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