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How much does AutoEntry cost?

Our main AutoEntry subscription prices can be found on our website. The cost per credit depends on the monthly subscription level you choose - based on how many credits you will need each month.

Bulk purchases are at a fixed price irrespective of size, so please check out the subscriptions first as they are cheaper per credit!

For subscriptions larger than 500 credits per month, or if the available selections do not work for you, please contact us via the blue chat bubble to the bottom right of your screen, and we'd be happy to help.

Credits are consumed as follows:

  • Purchase and Sales invoices/bills/receipts/credit notes captured to tax summary level are 1 credit per document.

  • Expense Receipts are 1 credit per document

  • Purchase invoices/bills/credit notes captured with full line items extraction are 2 credits per document.

  • Supplier/Vendor Statements are 2 credits per statement.

  • Bank or Credit Card statements are 3 credits per page.

Please note: All pages uploaded to the Bank Statements folder are charged at 3 credits per page. Non-transactional pages should be removed before uploading (including blank pages) to avoid the charges. 

How will I be charged?

On a monthly recurring subscription, you will automatically be charged to the card entered on your account. The month period starts on your initial purchase date which may not necessarily be the calendar month. The date of renewal can be changed at any stage by renewing early on the date you prefer.

Please note, as it's a completely automated service, the credits are added to your account at approximately the same time of day each month on the renewal date based on the time of day that the subscription was originally taken out. So if you subscribe at 5 pm on the 5th, the renewal will go through and credits added at that time, each month on the 5th.

What is a credit?

Credits are effectively the currency AutoEntry uses for you to avail of its processing for invoices/bills/receipts and bank/credit card statements. Your subscription is based on the number of credits you require per month.

You are not charged credits for adding new companies to AutoEntry.

How are credits used?

The credit system works as follows:

  • A single invoice or receipt = 1 credit per invoice

  • An invoice with line items to be captured = 2 credits per invoice

  • A Supplier/Vendor Statement = 2 credits per statement

  • A single page of bank/card statements = 3 credits per page

  • Fetching through the fetching integration = 2 credits per document (normal processing charge apply if the extraction is required after fetching)

Our free trial gives you 25 credits to use to try out AutoEntry.

Unused credits in a month rollover for 3 months. We also allow 2 months overdraft where if you have a busier month than expected, we'll add the extra credits used to your next renewal at the same rate per credit.

The full usage on your account or even per company can be found under account settings under your user menu.

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