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A default due date can be set for both Purchases and Sales invoices

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AutoEntry allows you to set a Default Due Date for both Purchase and Sales invoices before posting through to your accounting software in three ways:

This article will provide you with an overview of the process.

Across the company for all invoices

Under Company Settings, a Default Due Date can be set for ALL invoices processed through AutoEntry. Simply select from the menu which date you require. This date will be set for ALL invoices:

Per Supplier

Under Company Contacts, navigate to the supplier/vendor required. The Due Date can then be set under the due date column. This Due Date will be applied to all invoices from that supplier.

Per Invoice

After an invoice has been processed, you can also set the Due Date on an individual invoice basis. On the single invoice view, the Due Date can be set on the left-hand side, just below the invoice date.

Simply select the date for that invoice and it will be posted through to your accounts software with the invoice. 

Additional Information

  • Unlike for Purchases where the invoice Due Date will always be visible, this will not be shown on the Sales invoice summary page when the Default Due Date is set to ‘Not Required’.

  • If you want to update your Sales invoice due dates, simply go to the Accounting Settings under your Company Settings and update the Default Due Date to one of the options available.

  • If you do not want to set the due date to a specific date or a specific number of days, you can select the ‘Number of days after invoice’ option and leave the number of days as 0. Remember to click Save Changes also! The Default Due Date will then be the same as the invoice date, but you will have the option to update the due date as required.

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