The Shared Links setting controls access to who can view a shared image from AutoEntry externally. Public links can be viewed by anyone with the link, and Private links can only be viewed by user with an AutoEntry account.

This article will show you how to change this setting!

Applies To

  • Users who publish invoices to an accounting software, and want to view the invoice image in that software, rather than only being able to view it on the AutoEntry site.


To access the Shared Links setting, please do the following:

  1. Select Company Settings to the left hand side of your company homepage.

  2. Scroll down to the Preferences section, or select Preferences from the navigation bar on the left.

  3. Here you can select either Public or Private, and click the green Save Changes button once done.

Additional Information

  • Sharing a link is purely a link to the invoice image. It is not granting access to AutoEntry in any way.

  • A full overview of the Company Settings available in AutoEntry can be found here.

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