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What is a Project and what does it do?
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Bank Statement Projects allow you to manage your statements' extraction by categorising them into different sections within your Inbox. A project could, for example, be created for a particular date range, allowing you to later download your extracted statement data only for that date range.

How to Create a Project

  1. While you're in the Bank Statements Inbox, click the + Upload Document button on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  2. On the upload menu, you will see a dropdown menu under Project. When you click this, select Add Project.

  3. Type a name for the project, and click Add.

  4. This project can then be seen in the dropdown menu, available for selection. After this step, you can continue to upload your statements, or just back out of the menu if you wish.

Moving Bank Statements to Another Project

While the option to move Bank Statements from one project to another is not available, this article will take you through some alternative steps you can follow if you have uploaded files to the incorrect project.

If you have uploaded a file to the incorrect Bank Statement Project, you will first need to reupload the file to the correct project.

When you are later downloading the extracted Statement data from the Project the original file was uploaded to in error, you will need to delete said Statement data from the .csv or Excel file manually before importing to your accounting software.

Additional Information

  • Any files uploaded to the same project will be added to any previous extractions with the same bank account number. Therefore, if you upload bank statements to the same project, AutoEntry will add the most recent uploaded statements to any previous extraction.

  • You can upload monthly statements each month to the same project and at the end of the year, download the full year's worth of statements in one go. 

  • If you want to upload a month's worth of statements and only want to download that month's extraction, simply create a new project ("March 2021 - April 2021" for example) each time and those uploads will be kept separate from any other uploads even for the same bank account

  • There is no extra cost for using or creating separate projects!

  • A project must be created or selected before uploading, it cannot be allocated or changed afterwards.

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