AutoEntry can extract the data from bank statements including credit/debit card statements and even Paypal statements. This is so that you can import the data to your accounts package. Especially brilliant if you don't have an automatic bank feed available from your bank direct to your accounts or if you have a client who simply just prefers paper.

It accepts scanned copies of paper statements and downloaded .pdf files from online banking accounts. Once uploaded and processed the statements are then available for download to an excel file or specific .csv file for upload to a number of accounting packages. AutoEntry even checks and verifies the figures to ensure accuracy*.  Removing all the time spent on manually entering bank statement data into excel or your accounts package!

It is also possible to apply payments/receipts analysis (category accounts and payees) to statement lines via the Fast Code Transactions feature too (for QuickBooks Online and non-integrated companies only).

*We cannot verify or guarantee descriptions are extracted 100% accurately. All pages uploaded consume 3 credits per page irrespective of there being transactional data on the page or not. Non-Transactional pages should be removed before uploading the file to AutoEntry. 

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