Which versions of Sage Business Cloud Accounting does AutoEntry Integrate with?

Applies To

  • AutoEntry companies integrated with Sage Accounting/SBCA


AutoEntry has a full integration with Sage Business Cloud Accounting (Sage Accounting).

The basic version of Sage Accounting (Sage Accounting Start) does allow for an integration with AutoEntry but there are some functionality limitations:

  • Sales invoices can be published through from AutoEntry, as normal

  • Purchase invoices can only be published through if they are marked as paid, with the Publish To option set as 'Other Payment' (recording a one-off payment). More information on this can be found here.

Sage Accounting Start does not have a full purchase ledger function at this time, and users of Sage Accounting Start would have to upgrade their Sage subscription in order to use AutoEntry for publishing unpaid Purchase invoices.

Additional Information

Due to some specific localised versions of Sage Accounting around the world we cannot integrate with all versions of Sage Accounting at this time. We can currently integrate with these regional versions of Sage Accounting:

  • Ireland

  • United Kingdom

  • USA

  • Canada

  • South Africa

  • Australia

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