As Sage Business Cloud Accounting 'Start' does not have an accounts payable functionality built in (specific to Sage Start), it is not possible to publish invoices that have not been Mark as Paid in AutoEntry.

In this case, AutoEntry will publish an 'Other Payment' to the payment account selected. Please note, because there is no accounts payable function in Sage Start, the invoice image will not publish through to Sage but it is still stored in AutoEntry as normal for future retrieval if required.

Publishing to Sage Start as an Other Payment

To publish an invoice through to Sage Start, it must be marked as paid and published to an 'Other Payment'. This can be done when viewing the invoice in AutoEntry, turning on Mark as Paid and selecting 'Other Payment' as the Publish To option:

These settings can be remembered as normal and can also be set under the Supplier Settings tab in AutoEntry so that all invoices from a particular supplier are marked as paid with the same options set every time.

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