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Invoice Line Items to Items Table in QuickBooks Online
Invoice Line Items to Items Table in QuickBooks Online

Line Items can be posted through to the Items Table on expense and purchase forms in QuickBooks Online for stock or inventory control.

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If you use inventory or stock tracking in QuickBooks Online you can use the line item option in AutoEntry to assign each purchase line from an invoice or bill to a specific stock item or service that you buy or sell in QuickBooks.

How does this work?

In order to use this feature, three steps must be undertaken:

  1. In QuickBooks Online, turn on the Items Table (click on: Settings/Account and Settings/Expenses)

  2. Then set up your products/services under Settings - Products and Services.

  3. In AutoEntry, under company settings (integrations), disconnect AutoEntry from QuickBooks, wait about 30 seconds then re-integrate (this step will not need to be done if the items table was already in use before first integrating with AutoEntry).

In QuickBooks Online:

Now, when line item extraction is selected for an Invoice or Bill, when viewing an invoice in AutoEntry, you can select the product/service for that line item from the drop down menu. As the nominal account has already been set up for the product/service in QuickBooks Online, this is no longer required for line items in AutoEntry.

This is then posted to QuickBooks Online the relevant stock/inventory item or service:

If you have added new products or services to QuickBooks Online that they are not in the drop down menu, simply go to the integrations page under company settings in AutoEntry and click on Re-Sync QuickBooks Data.

Additional Information

  • This feature can be set to default to either Nominal Accounts or Products/Services for all invoices on the integration page or can be selected per invoice in the line item section on the single invoice view. See here for more details.

  • At the moment, AutoEntry cannot extract or remember the stock item selections for line items (recognising a particular item should be mapped to a particular QuickBooks Online product) but we are working on it! 

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