Fast-coding statement transactions

How to fast-code your bank statement data (for companies not integrated with accounting software).

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Within AutoEntry's Bank Statements folder, you can code bank statement transactions to nominal accounts and payees before you export it to an Excel/CSV file or specifically for particular accounts packages.

This is primarily for the preparation of year-end accounts or catch-up jobs where a Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet is of concern.

📎NOTE: QuickBooks Online integrated companies need to follow a slightly different process when fast coding statements.

The Fast-Code option isn't available if your AutoEntry company is integrated with any accounting software other than QuickBooks Online.

How to fast-code statement transactions

📎NOTE: Before coding can be done, a list of category accounts must be present in AutoEntry.

  1. Once bank statement extraction is complete you will see the Fast-code transactions button in the inbox.

  2. Using the drop-down menus, select the relevant Contact and Category codes.

    📌TIP: To code multiple lines at once, use the checkboxes to the left and select the first line of the batch. When you select the relevant Category (on any line) all lines populate with that account.

  3. Click the green tick ✅ icon to 'approve' each transaction.

    📌TIP: To do this in bulk, click the box on the top left corner of the page. Click All, then click on the Actions button and click Approve on the dropdown menu.

  4. Click Download at the top right corner of the page and select the desired file type.

    The file is pre-coded for you. It's ready to import into your accounting software or to keep for your own records.

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