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Statement Export to Excel - Transaction Descriptions Missing
Statement Export to Excel - Transaction Descriptions Missing

Statement transaction descriptions missing from Excel download.

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You have downloaded your extracted Bank Statement data as an Excel file, but it appears that some of the transaction Description field is missing.

Applies To

  • Bank/Credit Card Statements.


This is generally due to local settings in Excel on your PC, but there is an extremely simple solution!


To resolve this, please do the following:

  1. Select all affected Columns.

  2. Hit the 'Wrap Text' button.

Please note

If you export to a format specific to QuickBooks Online/Xero/Sage etc... do not alter the text before importing to your accounting package. They are already mapped specifically to each package's requirements and altering the layout can cause an error in the upload. 

Sometimes, depending on your Excel preferences, even opening the file before importing to your accounts package can cause an error too.
If this occurs: 

  1. Download the file again

  2. Do not open it!

  3. Import directly to your accounts package.

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