Line Item Rules
In Company Contacts, rules can be added for particular line items to be analysed according to these rules.
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Where Line Item Extraction is completed for an invoice (either by AutoEntry or added manually), rules can be set where AutoEntry will automatically assign VAT/Category accounts and Tracking Categories to specific individual line items that meet these rules for a given supplier.

Where can I find line item rules?

Line item rules can be found and created by navigating to your Company Contacts, clicking on a supplier from the list and selecting the Rules tab at the top of the page.

These rules can be set based on full or partial descriptions or on line item value (product price). They will also override any remembered (stored) settings found under the Line Items tab.

How to add a line item rule

  1. Click + Add Rule.

  2. Enter a name for the rule.

  3. Select All or Any. All means that all the conditions set must be met before the rule is applied, whereas Any means that only one of the conditions must be met before the rule is applied.

  4. Use the drop-down menus to set the rule:

    • Is the rule based on the line Description or Unit Price?

    • Does the Description/Unit Price equal, contain, begin with or end with....

  5. Enter the text or price that the rule is going to meet.

  6. For example, this rule will be applied where the text 3m Cable is found anywhere in the item description:

  7. With the Any option, you can add multiple rules whereby AutoEntry will work through each rule until one is satisfied. 

  8. Then simply select the relevant Category account, VAT code and Tracking Category you want to be applied when the above rule is met. Click Save Rule once done.

  9. Once saved, the page will display the rules created for that supplier. Using the expand + button to the left, you can view and edit the rule or a rule can be deleted by clicking the x on the right. You can also set the priorities by moving a rule up or down the list. AutoEntry will check the rules from top to bottom.

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