Invoice Line Items are available as an option for all invoices/bills processed by AutoEntry. A full extraction will be made of the item description and individual item price and net/tax/total where available.

Descriptions can also be remembered and you can even set rules that particular descriptions or even keywords in a description can have automatic category/product/tax codes applied and even tracking categories if in use! See here for full details.

Applies To

  • Purchase invoices.

  • Sales invoices.

  • Uploading documents to AutoEntry or,

  • Amending invoice data after processing has finished.


For Purchase and Sales Invoices, Line Item Extraction can be switched on in two ways:

  • At a company level, for all invoices processed for that company, you can find the option under Company Settings. Simply check the box for the option to be

    enabled, and click the Save Changes button afterwards.

  • Before you upload your documents, you can select Line Item Capture for the invoices you are about to upload in the window itself. Line items will only be extracted for that upload and will turn off again for the next upload.

For Purchase Invoices, there is also a third way to request Line Item extraction at the supplier-to-supplier basis within the supplier's settings in your Company Contacts.

You can also add Line Items manually by using the Add Line Items button when viewing an invoice near the bottom of the page.

When Line Items are added, the description for each line is used for that item, ignoring the Description field in the Invoice header. Individual category and tax codes can be applied which are remembered per VAT rate, ignoring the defaults in the Invoice header. Separate cost centres (region/tracking codes) can also be applied depending on your accounting software (some don't allow this).

Line items can be deleted using the blue x to the right.

Additional line items can be added by clicking +Add New Line Item.

Once Line Items are present, either added manually or by AutoEntry, a summary is available to ensure that the line item totals match the invoice totals.

Limitations to Line Item Extraction

Line item extraction will not capture the product quantity in a small number of cases:

  • Unit quantity with decimal places

  • Unit price with more than 2 decimal places

  • Discounts in line per line item

In these rare cases, the unit quantity will default to 1 and the line totals will reflect the totals for the line with no per item cost.

AutoEntry cannot account for multiple units or cases (e.g. 1 case of 24 units). This will be extracted as one unit. 

Line Item Extraction Expanded View

When using the line item feature in AutoEntry, it can sometimes be difficult to see all the fields or to fill in the fields especially if you are using a smaller screen, or if multiple fields are in use such as tracking categories. Some of the fields can be hidden behind the invoice image.

The Line Item Expand function allows you to work on the line items full-screen rather than in the small section to the bottom left. To expand the line item field, simply click on Expand to the top right of the line item section.

This opens the line items out to fill the lower half of your screen with the Invoice image zoomed in on the top half.

While using the expanded view, all the normal functionality remains (adding new line items - bottom left, tab to next field, etc). You can adjust the size of the Line Item section using the slider to the top of the line items and collapse the field back to the normal view by hitting Hide to the top right.

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