To add mileage expenses to an expense report, you must first add the mileage rates to the company/account. You can then set which submitters can use which rates. 

For example, you can set up multiple mileage rates and only allow junior staff to use the basic rates, directors/company owners to use higher rates and car-sharing groups use a different rate. 

To set up the rates, go to the 'Manage Lists' section on the home page and select the 'Mileage' tab.

To manually add a rate, click on 'Add a Mileage Rate' and enter the name of the rate and the value per Mile/Km (if pennies/cents only, you need to enter the value as 0.xx):

You can also upload a list of rates in a CSV file if you have it by clicking on the 'Upload list of Mileage Rates' button. There's a template sample .csv file there that you can use too. 

Once your rates are added you can select miles or KMs and if the rates are visible or not and indeed a trash can to the right to delete a rate if not required.

Once the rates are added you can now go to the user settings of the submitters and select which rate that submitter is allowed to use. If you select multiple rates per user, as they add a mileage expense they receive a drop-down menu that they select the relevant rate from. 

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