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Expenses User Permissions
Expenses User Permissions

By default, only billing account holders have access to Expenses. Here's how to add existing users and set approver permissions.

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When a company is set up on AutoEntry, only the billing account holder has immediate access to the Expense Reports folder. Access for other users must be set in their Permissions.

📌TIP: Guidance on adding a user to your AutoEntry account can be found here.

How to add a user to Expenses

  1. Click the People tab on the left-hand side of your screen.

  2. Select Edit for the user you need to add to Expenses.

  3. Select the relevant company from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click the permission type you would like to grant this user. More than one of these options can be selected, and changes save automatically.

Expenses permission types

  • Submitter - Can upload expenses, add to reports and submit for approval to an approver. Submitters cannot see any expenses uploaded by other users. A submitter's expenses are not visible by an approver or admin user until added to a report and submitted for approval.

  • Approver - An approver has the ability to approve/reject expense reports submitted to them by submitters.

  • Edit Before Approval - An added level to the approver where submitted reports can be edited by the approver before approval.

  • Admin - An admin user has the permissions to add/edit user permissions and set Expense Categories within Manage Lists.


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