Expense Categories

Easily map expense categories to the correct nominal or category account.

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Use Expense Categories within Manage Lists to map an expense to the correct nominal account when a submitter uploads expenses on the mobile app.

Locate your Expense Categories

  1. Click Home then click Manage Lists.

  2. Click the Expense Categories tab.

Here you can see a list of your existing expense categories. On this page, you can:

  • Assign category codes to an expense category

  • Add an expense category

  • Upload a list of Expense Categories to replace the existing list

  • Hide Expense Categories so they don't appear in your Inbox dropdown menus

  • Delete Expense Categories that you want permanently removed from your company

Add more expense categories

You can easily add more categories to your list.

Add an Expense Category

  1. Click Add an Expense Category to add just a single category.

  2. You need to enter a name and select a category from the dropdown.

  3. Click Add an Expense Category.

The new category now shows in your list of categories.

Create a new list of Expense Categories

You can use the Upload List function to upload a list of categories via a CSV file.

⚠CAUTION: The upload replaces your existing list of Expense Categories. Don't use this function to add more categories to your existing list, unless you already have the existing categories in your CSV file.

  1. Click Upload list of Expense Categories.

  2. Click Sample CSV file of Expense Categories for a file template to use.

  3. Once you have a file ready to upload click Select CSV to Upload, then browse to and select the CSV file.

📎NOTE: There is a limit of 100 Expense Categories in this list.

Hide an Expense Category

If you want an expense category to no longer appear as an option when selecting an one for an expense, but you don' want to delete it, you can use the 'Hide' option.

On the VISIBLE column, toggle it Off to hide it, toggle it On to show it.

Delete an Expense Category

It's easy to delete an Expense Category from your list.

You can either click the rubbish bin icon to the right of one, or you can select multiple, then click the Delete button at the top.

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