When uploading expenses through the phone app, you can have the submitter categorise their expenses to the correct category at the point of upload. We've added a simple default list of categories that they can use and which you can map to the correct nominal account. This means the submitter does not need to know or be aware of the hundreds of nominal accounts in your accounts package but instead selects from a simplified list of categories that you control.

After an expense report has been reviewed and approved, this expense report will be sent to the Purchases Inbox. Once here, nominal codes can be assigned.

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To access your expense categories, simply click on the Manage Lists button on the company homepage and select the Expense Categories tab. 

AutoEntry provides a default list of expense categories to use. All that's required is to add a nominal category to each expense category you want to use. The same nominal code can be used for several expense categories if required - meaning they are all accounted for in your accounting software to the same nominal account, while allowing more detailed examinations of the submitter's expenses for the line manager/approver. You can of course edit the category name, make it hidden or delete it altogether. 

Using the buttons at the top, you can add another expense category or if you already have a list of categories in use, you can upload that list via a .csv file into AutoEntry. When you click on the Upload List button, there is a template .csv file for you to use to facilitate the upload. 

Additional Information

  • Please note that there is a limit of 100 visible expense categories allowed here. If there are more than this entered in Manage Lists, any over 100 going alphabetically will not be available.

  • See here for more guides on Expenses from our Help Center.

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