The AutoEntry Sync App is designed to re-start itself in case of any disruption in the background without any interaction by the user, however, there is a Windows default that can prevent the sync app from restarting for 30 days (!) and causing the sync to remain stopped until you manually re-start it (a relatively common issue with Windows and similar services to our sync app) . Here's the quick fix to prevent Windows from blocking the AutoEntry sync app from re-starting. 

Quick access: Task Manager > Services > Open Services > Right click AutoEntry Service > Properties. 

  • Open Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL or Right click on a blank section of the start bar)

  • Select the Services tab and click on 'Open Services' or 'Services' - depending on your version of Windows:

  • Right click on AutoEntry.DesktopSync.Service (note, there are two AutoEntry services listed) and select Properties.

In the Properties window that opens: 

  • Select the Recovery Tab

  • Change the 'Reset fail count after' field to 0 (zero)

  • Check the box to 'Enable Actions for stops with errors' 

  • Click Apply and OK.

That's it! 

If Still logged in to the AutoEntry sync app, log out and back in again. Any invoices that are ticked as published but not in Sage/QuickBooks, simply unpublish the invoices and re-publish. It can take 5 - 10 minutes for the publishing to complete. 

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