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AutoEntry Bank Statement Export with Account Transfers for Sage 50 UK&I
AutoEntry Bank Statement Export with Account Transfers for Sage 50 UK&I

If you have inter-account transfers on your statement to export to Sage 50, here are the steps to recognise them correctly in Sage 50 UK&I.

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AutoEntry only extracts the statement data as either a payment or receipt. Sage 50 refers to these as a transaction type BP (Bank Payment) or BR (Bank Receipt). If your bank statement contains transfers between your own bank accounts there are a few quick steps to be done in order to import your statement data after AutoEntry has completed the extraction.

How is this done?

Once you download the statement data from AutoEntry, open the file as an excel or csv. For each bank transfer either into or out of the account you are working on you need to copy the transaction line, add a line to the sheet and paste the line there and edit the two lines as follows:

  • Change the payment type in the pasted line to the opposite of the first - BP to BR or vice versa.

  • Account Reference and Nominal A/C Ref column: for the BP line enter the account code of the account you're working on in column B and in column C enter your suspense account code (generally 9998). For the BR line, enter the destination account code in column B and your suspense account code in column C.

The example below shows a transfer from the account as it appeared on the bank statement. We added a row and copied and pasted the transaction into that new row. Edited the payment type to the opposite of the original (BP to BR), added the suspense account to column C on row 2 and in the new row (row 3) added the destination account in column B and the suspense account in column C.

For a transfer in, simply edit the BP line to the account number the transfer came from.

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