With the Auto-Suggest VAT Codes feature in company settings you can tell AutoEntry your preferred VAT codes for a specific VAT rate that AutoEntry will automatically populate the VAT Code drop-down. This will mean that for new suppliers/vendors or for suppliers that have not have had codes remembered for them, AutoEntry will populate your preferred rate into the VAT code drop-down for you, saving an extra column you need to select. Especially handy for Sales invoices whereby it's generally the same VAT code you use for all sales. 

To set your preferred VAT rate, go to company settings and under the Account Settings heading check the box to enable Auto-Suggest VAT Codes:

Once selected, you can now add a VAT code for either Purchases or Sales invoices by clicking the 'Add VAT Code' button:

Then, simply select your preferred VAT code from the list. For example, you might have 3 or 4 different options for 20% VAT (between both Purchases and Sales). Simply select the code you use most regularly and AutoEntry fills in the percentage rate to the right:

Now, when an invoice is processed by AutoEntry and there is no previously remembered VAT Code and the VAT on this particular invoice equals 20% of the Net/Total, then AutoEntry will enter your chosen VAT code into the drop-down menu. Just like with the Suggested Supplier, it'll be indicated with a blue 'tick' in the drop-down: 

You can add as many VAT codes as you with although there can only be one preferred code per VAT rate. Don't worry, if a particular invoice needs a different VAT code applied, you can change the selection at any stage before publishing. 

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