AutoEntry supports up to three tracking categories/cost codes/departments for non-integrated companies. This article will give you an overview of how they work!

Applies To

  • AutoEntry users who do not wish to integrate their company with accounting software.


If you use AutoEntry as an extraction tool with an accounting package that AutoEntry currently does not integrate with, we facilitate uploading and/or adding a custom list of tracking categories/cost codes/departments. This feature allows for uploading and assigning of three tracking categories per non-integrated company within AutoEntry.

The uploaded/added tracking categories will be available for assignment to invoices/bills within the Purchases/Bills and Sales folders.

To upload/add tracking categories, proceed to the Manage Lists section, where a new column of 'Tracking Category 1' will appear.

From here, several actions will be available to you:

  1.  'Add a Tracking Category' allows you to add a single, manual tracking category.

  2. 'Upload Tracking Categories' allows you to upload a pre-defined list of tracking categories by using the CSV sample file provided.

  3. 'Tracking Category Group Name' allows you to assign a name to the tracking category that is best suited to the company.

Once at least one tracking category code and name has been populated for 'Tracking Category 1', the option for 'Tracking Category 2' will appear.

All of the same actions as within the 'Tracking Category 1' will be available for 'Tracking Category 2'.

When at least one tracking category code and name has been provided for 'Tracking Category 2', the option for 'Tracking Category 3' will appear. 

Once the tracking category lists have been populated, the columns will automatically appear within the Purchases/Bills and Sales folders. The columns will present the 'Tracking Category Group Name' assigned within the Manage Lists page.

If the tracking category does not have at least one category code and name associated with it, it will not visible within the Purchases/Bills and Sales folders (for example 'Tracking Category 3' above).

The invoices/bills can be download in a Generic CSV/Generic Excel format where the tracking categories will present themselves on the downloaded file, as within the Purchases/Bills and Sales folders.

Additional Information

  • A full quick guide on using AutoEntry for non-integrated companies can be found here.

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