This article will take you through the steps for getting started using AutoEntry when you do not want to integrate a company with an accounts package.


  1. Sign up to AutoEntry at www.autoentry.com. The sign up process guides you through the initial setup including adding a company. You can skip the stage for integrating with an accounts package.

  2. On the homepage for that company, click '+Upload' to upload your files.

  3. Add Supplier/Customer accounts and VAT codes and Categories.

  4. Once processed (turnaround times), click on the Inbox to view the list of invoices. Single invoices and line items/tax summaries can be viewed by clicking on the blue 'eye' icon to the left.

  5. Set the Supplier/Customer Account, Category and Tax Code* for the invoice.

  6. Click the checkbox to the left of each invoice and then download it as a .csv file or Excel Spreadsheet.

*Requirement to select a tax code depends on your local regulations.

Additional Information

If you only use AutoEntry to upload bank statements, here are the steps you will need to follow to download them as a .csv or Excel file.

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