For Companies Not Integrated to an accounts software:

  • Sign up to AutoEntry on The signup process guides you through the initial setup including adding a company. At the stage for integrating an accounts package you can skip that page.
  • On the home page for that company, click '+Upload' to upload your files
  • Select the files to be uploaded.
  • When processed (turnaround times), click on the inbox to view the list of invoices.
  • Single invoices can be viewed clicking on the blue 'eye' icon to the left.
  • Set the Supplier, Category and Tax Code* for the invoice
  • To download/export to Excel/.csv, click the checkbox to the left of each invoice to select the invoices.
  • Click on the Download button at the top of the page to download/export to a .csv/Excel file.

*Requirement to select a tax code depends on your local regulations.

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