While Sage 50 US is restrictive on the acceptable file types for importing Bank Statement data as bank transactions, we've used the Open Financial Exchange (.ofx) format that allows you to get your captured bank data files from AutoEntry into Sage 50 US to be able to automatically match the online transactions to the Sage 50 transactions. This article will take you through the steps!

Applies To

  • Sage 50 US users uploading Bank Statements.


When the extraction is completed by AutoEntry, simply use the Sage 50 US option to download your Statement data. To do this go to the relevant bank account and click: Download > Sage 50 US (.ofx).

AutoEntry pre-populates the following fields but please ensure they are correct before downloading.

  • Account Number: So long as the account number is visible, AutoEntry will capture it and it will appear by default here. The field is editable if any changes need to be made before downloading.

  • Account Type: Choose the appropriate account type from the drop-down.

  • Currency: The currency will default to the currency set for the company within Company Settings but can be changed if the user wishes to.

Once you click 'Download', the file will become available for you in the "Downloads" folder of your computer's File Manager.

Additional Information

  • As suggested by Sage, Bank Statements should only be imported one month at a time. The Projects feature within AutoEntry will assist with separating Bank Statements into monthly sections.

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