Importing Bank Statement Data to Sage 50 US

How to import the bank statement extraction from AutoEntry directly into Sage 50 US.

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While Sage 50 US has limitations on the acceptable file types for importing bank statement data, we use the Open Financial Exchange format. This allows you to get your captured bank data files from AutoEntry into Sage 50 US to automatically match the online transactions to your Sage 50 transactions.

How to download your statement data

  1. When the extraction is completed by AutoEntry simply use the Sage 50 Canada option to download your statement data. To do this go to the relevant bank account and click: Download > Sage 50 US (.ofx).

  2. AutoEntry pre-populates the following fields but please ensure they are correct before downloading.

  3. Once you click 'Download', the file will become available for you to select when uploading the file to Sage 50 US.

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