When integrating and publishing data from AutoEntry to a shared file or shared client file in Sage 50 Canada, the share drive option must be paused before the integration or publishing can occur.

Applies To

  • Sage 50 Canada users.


Once you have finished the integration process or completed publishing data from AutoEntry to Sage, the shared drive can be restarted.

Multi-User Installations

To integrate or publish invoices to Sage, you must be accessing Sage in Multi-user mode. In order to pause or un-pause Sage Drive you must change to single user mode, pause the drive and then return to multi-user mode.

Single User Installations

If you only have a single user licence (e.g. using the Sysadmin log in), once the share drive is paused, you need to log out and close Sage to allow AutoEntry access to publish the data.

Once your data has published you can then re-open Sage (if single user) and for multi-user versions, revert to single user mode and un-pause the shared drive before returning to multi-user mode if required.

Additional Information

For instructions on how to pause Sage Drive, please click here.

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