If you signed up to AutoEntry through the link in Sage using the Sage ID sign in (an automatic sign in process with Sage) or if you already use your Sage ID to sign into AutoEntry, in order to use the AutoEntry Sync App for Sage 50c or the phone app, you'll need to set up an AutoEntry Password first.

To create an AutoEntry password, simply go to your user menu (top right) and select 'User Profile':

Under the Password Tab, click on the "Forgot / Reset Password" button and a mail will be sent to your email with a link to follow to set up or create a password.

You can now use this password, along with your email address, to log in and use the AutoEntry Sync app and the Phone app. After creating a password as above, you can change your password at any stage on this page too using the Change Password option at the bottom.

This does not effect the use of your Sage ID to log into the AutoEntry Website. It is exclusively for use on our sync and phone app and cannot be used for logging into AutoEntry through the website.

Removing the link to your Sage ID

If you wish to remove the use of your Sage ID log in credentials altogether and use your AutoEntry password to access the website, you can use the "Disconnect External Authentication" option on the same page in your profile to remove the link to your Sage ID from AutoEntry. Simply confirm the request and click Disconnect to complete the process.

This option will appear once you have first added a password to AutoEntry as above. You will then exclusively use this AutoEntry email and password to access all areas of AutoEntry (Website, Sync App and Phone App). *This option cannot be reversed so you will always use your AutoEntry password from here on to access AutoEntry.

If you no longer have access to your Sage ID credentials and can't log in using your Sage ID, simply pop a message into support and we can disconnect the connection for you and you can return to using your AutoEntry email and password to log in to the website.

* This dis-connect option is not available for SAML users.

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