Sage 50 Pastel (South Africa) users can now utilise AutoEntry by a simple export/import!

Until AutoEntry and Pastel are fully integrated, you can simply import your Nominal/Category codes and Tax codes along with your current list of suppliers into AutoEntry. This is detailed in the following articles:

How do I upload Tax and/or Category Codes

Adding/Uploading Company Contacts

For Pastel, the mapping should be as follows:




General Ledger Account Number

Category Code

NB: do not include the "/" in the Pastel code e.g. not 3800/000


General Ledger Account Description

Category Name

General Expenses

Tax Type

e.g. 0-15

Tax Code

NB: not Description


Supplier/Customer Code

Supplier/Customer Code


Supplier/Customer Description

Supplier/Customer Name

Software Suppliers

Project Code

Tracking Category 1 Code


Project Description

Tracking Category 1 Description

Govt. Tender 12/20

To export your invoices from AutoEntry:

  • Go to your Inbox

  • Select the invoices to export using the checkboxes to the left of the invoice or using the master check box to the top left of the list.

  • Once at least one invoice has been selected a 'Download' button appears at the top.

  • Select the Sage Pastel download option and confirm the period you're exporting for.

  • The file will download by default to your 'Downloads' folder.

To import the AutoEntry CSV file into Pastel (e.g. Supplier Invoice)

1) Select Process -> Suppliers

2) Select Batch... -> Import:

3) Choose the AutoEntry CSV file from your 'Downloads' folder and click Process:

Sage will confirm the import:

And that's your invoice date imported from AutoEntry to Sage Pastel

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