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Sage 50 Pastel (South Africa) - Importing Purchases and Sales from AutoEntry
Sage 50 Pastel (South Africa) - Importing Purchases and Sales from AutoEntry

How to export a CSV file from AutoEntry's Purchases or Sales folders and import it into your Sage 50 Pastel.

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Sage 50 Pastel (South Africa) users can utilise AutoEntry via a simple export/import!

How does this work?

Until AutoEntry and Pastel are fully integrated, you can simply import your Nominal/Category codes and Tax codes along with your current list of suppliers into AutoEntry. This is detailed in the following articles:

For Pastel, the mapping should be as follows:




General Ledger Account Number

Category Code

NB: do not include the "/" in the Pastel code e.g. not 3800/000


General Ledger Account Description

Category Name

General Expenses

Tax Type

e.g. 0-15

Tax Code

NB: not Description


Supplier/Customer Code

Supplier/Customer Code


Supplier/Customer Description

Supplier/Customer Name

Software Suppliers

Project Code

Tracking Category 1 Code


Project Description

Tracking Category 1 Description

Govt. Tender 12/20

To export your invoices from AutoEntry:

  1. Go to your Inbox.

  2. Select the invoices to export using the checkboxes to the left of the invoice or using the master check box to the top left of the list.

  3. Once at least one invoice has been selected, a Download button appears at the top.

  4. Select the Sage Pastel download option and confirm the period you're exporting for.

  5. The file will download by default to your PC's Downloads folder.

To import the AutoEntry CSV file into Pastel (e.g. Supplier Invoice):

  1. Select Process > Suppliers.

  2. Select Batch > Import.

  3. Choose the AutoEntry CSV file from your PC's Downloads folder and click Process.

  4. Sage will confirm the import.

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