You are seeing the below error message when attempting to import Bank Statement data into QuickBooks from AutoEntry.

QuickBooks is unable to verify the Financial Institution information for this download.

Applies To

  • QuickBooks Desktop users that have downloaded their extracted Bank Statements from AutoEntry.


This error is typically caused by incorrect bank details being entered when downloading a bank statement file from AutoEntry.


If you are receiving this error message, please download the bank statement file again but use the default Bank ID and INTU.BID numbers provided by AutoEntry ensuring the correct account number, account type and currency are selected.

The file will import as normal. The only difference is that the account will appear in QuickBooks as a Wells Fargo account. As there are over 100,000 BID codes on Intuits' systems, it can be very difficult to ascertain if you have the correct codes for your bank. This error occurs when an old or incorrect code is used for the import. The defaults provided for Wells Fargo (03000) will always work.

Additional Information

  • A full guide on downloading your Bank Statement data from AutoEntry can be found here.

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