This article will show you how to map either the Doc ID or Reference field of your invoice to the Ex-Reference in Sage 50.

Applies To

  • Sage 50 UK&I.


When integrating AutoEntry with Sage 50, you can pick between two invoice fields to map to the Ex-Reference column.

These two options are the Document ID (AutoEntry ID) or the Reference Field.

To make this selection you will need to do the below:

  1. Navigate to the Integrate tab on the left hand side of your company homepage.

  2. Click the dropdown menu to make your selection.

Don't forget to hit save!

Once this is done, the selected field will post to the Ex-Ref in Sage for invoices published going forward.

Additional Information

  • The Reference field does not get extracted from the invoice - you will have to manually enter information in here.

  • This selection cannot be applied to invoices previously published.

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