Tuesday 27th September

11:30 GMT +1, 03:30 PST

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by fixes taking place in AutoEntry. These are being worked on as a matter of priority. We appreciate these have taken longer than we would have liked to fix, but it is important that the solution works effectively for our customers into the future.

⚠️ Current Incidents

  1. We are aware of an issue where users are not receiving the verification code for 2FA via text message. While we work on a fix, here is how to access your account and change 2FA verification from a text message to an authenticator app.

  2. Some users are experiencing issues when viewing invoices and attempting to populate certain codes and/or line items. While a fix for these issues is being worked on, there are a number of workarounds for different use-cases which you can apply to your invoices in the meantime. These can all be found here.

  3. Documents for some users are not moving to the Inbox and are displaying a 'Failed to Load' message after processing has completed. Please note that data should load after a delay, however if you have any documents that are still failing to load after 24 hours, please inform our Support team via webchat for further guidance.

  4. We are aware of an issue with the SBCA Bank Statement export facility (the status was remaining as "Sage checking export" and data would not export to Sage Accounting). We have taken the facility offline whilst we work on resolving the issue; in the meantime instead of using this export facility please perform a manual download from AutoEntry/re-upload into SBCA (see help article here).

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