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How to Delete Invoices
How to Delete Invoices

The steps required to delete uploaded invoices from AutoEntry.

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It is possible to delete invoices uploaded to AutoEntry, so long as they have first been moved to the Rejected folder. The same can be done with Supplier Statements.

How to delete invoices

  1. Click the box beside the relevant invoice.

  2. Once selected, an Actions box will appear at the top of the page. Click on this and select Reject.

  3. The file will then move to the Rejected tab within the folder.

  4. Click on this tab, and from here you can delete the invoice by selecting the blue trash can icon.

Please note

Once a document has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved. If you have mistakenly deleted an invoice/supplier statement, you will need to reupload it and you will be charged credits again.

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