This article will take you through the main points of AutoEntry's Rejected folder function. The headings will be as follows:

  1. Where can the Rejected Folder be found?

  2. What does it mean when a file has been rejected?

  3. How do I know my file has been rejected?

  4. Will I be charged for files that are rejected?

  5. How can I move files from the Rejected folder to the Inbox?

  6. How to reject invoices manually.

Applies To

Documents uploaded with any of the following issues:

  • It has already been uploaded previously.

  • The image/scan quality is too poor for our system to extract the data.

  • It has been uploaded to the wrong folder.

  • Some crucial data is missing, preventing extraction.

  • The image/scan is a screenshot, or contains handwriting.

  • The file's data is corrupted or password-protected.


1. Where can the Rejected Folder be found?

Files that cannot be processed by AutoEntry will be stored in the rejected folder. The number of files in the rejected folder will be shown on the company homepage. If there are new items in the rejected folder since your last visit a red notification is also present to alert you:

It can also be accessed by clicking the Rejected tab across the top of the page when you are already in a folder.

2. What does it mean when a file has been rejected?

When a file has been rejected, it means that there is an issue with it preventing data from being extracted/processed. This could be due to poor quality, because it is duplicate invoice, or because it is not actually an invoice at all (refer to Applies To above for more example of these instances).

3. How do I know my file has been rejected?

If a document has been rejected, you will see the red notification as above on both the company homepage and on the navigation bar to highlight there has been a new item rejected and also a notice on the Uploaded Files and Processed Items tab of your Activity page.

The Purchases and Sales folders will alert you that an invoice has been rejected; indicated with a red dot next to the item in your Rejected folder, and on the Rejected tab icon itself. Interacting with the rejected items (clicking View on them) will remove the notification.

4. Will I be charged for files that are rejected?

You will be charged for rejected files as there has been an attempt to process them. This does not apply to bank statements.

More thorough information on the cost of rejected duplicate invoices can be found here.

5. How can I move files from the Rejected folder to the Inbox?

You have several options, depending on why the file was rejected.

If the file was rejected in error, click on Move to Inbox. The invoice will now be in the inbox but all the fields will be blank. Simply enter supplier, date, net/VAT/total and it can be published as normal.

  • Click on the blue View button on the left to view the file.

  • The Date column shows the date/time the file was uploaded.

  • Invoice Number (where applicable) of the invoice.

  • The Reason column gives a basic reason on why the document was rejected.

  • The grey page logo allows you to download a copy of the document as a PDF.

  • The blue trash can icon will delete the document from AutoEntry completely. If deleted, the file cannot be recovered by us.

6. How to Reject Invoices Manually

In the instance where you need to remove invoices from your Inbox if they were uploaded in error, or for any other reason, you can manually reject them.

While viewing invoices in the inbox, you will notice that there are check boxes on the left hand side of the screen. If you need to reject an invoice from your inbox, please do the following:

  1. Click the correlating boxes to the left of the invoice to select them.

  2. An Actions menu will then appear at the top of the page above the tick box column.

  3. After you click the Reject option, a small pop-up window will appear. This will show you a drop-down menu for the Reject Reason. This must be filled in, giving a reason for rejecting such as "Uploaded in error" etc.

  4. If you select the "Other" option, a second field will appear where you can enter the reason.

  5. You can then click the blue Reject button, and the invoice will be sent to the Rejected folder.

If you need to permanently delete an invoice from your Purchases/Sales folder, simply click on the Rejected tab, and click the blue trash can icon to delete the item. AutoEntry cannot retrieve this upload for you after deletion.

Additional Information

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