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How to set a company as not registered for VAT on AutoEntry.

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Setting your company as non-VAT registered on AutoEntry will automatically show only a gross figure on invoices/line items extracted and assign a default 0% VAT code (of your choosing).

If your company is marked as non-VAT registered in your accounting software, you may encounter issues while publishing invoices if not marked as such in AutoEntry also, and vice versa.

How do I set my company as non-VAT registered?

  1. Go to Company Settings > Accounting Settings > General.

  2. Tick the box that says Not Registered for VAT.

  3. After you tick this box, two new dropdown menus will appear under the Accounting Settings > Purchases and Sales sections. These will both be called Default VAT Code. From each of these dropdowns, select the 0% VAT code(s) you wish to be applied to all Purchase and Sales invoices respectively.

  4. After selecting VAT codes from both of these menus, remember to click Save Changes to the left of the page, and you're all set!

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