AccountsPrep - Account Details Report

What your account details report entails, how to edit and export it.

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This overview will go through some main points for using the Account Details Report and its functions.

Applies To

  • AccountsPrep integrated companies.


The Account Details Report is a detailed view of the General Ledger for the year.

  • When the report first opens, it will load every account (you can filter them using the drop-down menu).

  • For your convenience, the account name and column headers will hover as you scroll down so you know where you are.

  • You can edit the detail or account assignment for any relevant transaction line (shown below).

Account Selection

  • The only accounts to select here are those with an entry in it.

  • You may use the Search box to find accounts (it filters the menu as you type).

  • Some tips on account selections:

    • You can check the boxes of multiple accounts at once.

    • Click on the class heading (i.e. Fixed Assets) to select that entire class.

    • Quick buttons:

      • Check all - selects all available accounts.

      • Check P&L only - selects just the Profit & Loss accounts (users mainly tend to scroll through these accounts).

      • Uncheck all - if everything is unchecked, every account will load (we have it there just to clear the checkboxes for you).

Editing Transactions in any Account

It's very quick and easy to edit entries out of place (or that just need fixing!)

  1. To the right of any relevant entry you'll see a small pen icon like this:

  2. Click it and you will see a pop-up menu allowing you to edit the Details, Reference or the Account where the entry was assigned.

  3. Just like that the page will reload to reflect the change!

  4. There will be no adjusting journal entry - it will simply update the batch it is contained in.

Flags Beside Transaction Lines

  1. You may notice an orange flag icon to the left of an entry in an account like this:

  2. This means the entry was flagged by a user for special review.

  3. You may use the edit (pen icon) to open the edit pop-up menu and remove the flag once satisfied the entry is complete.

  4. You can also do this by re-entering the batch itself.

Transaction Lines Highlighted in Pink

  1. You may notice some banks highlighted pink like this:

  2. Firstly, you will know from the type being Bank (T) that this is a bank transfer.

  3. It is highlighted in pink as it has not yet been matched with a corresponding bank statement line from the other bank account.

  4. At some stage this must be matched, or you will not be able to close the period end and roll forward.

  5. See the bank section for help on matching bank transfers.


Just like any other report, use the export button to export the on-screen results to Excel.

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