AccountsPrep - Chart of Accounts

An overview of the Chart of Accounts function in AccountsPrep.

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This article will show you a few ways you can customise the Chart of Accounts within AccountsPrep.


To view the Chart of Accounts in AccountsPrep, navigate to the Accounting tab and select Chart of Accounts.

Here you can customise the client's Chart of Accounts in a number of ways:

  1. Add Account+ or Add Bank Account+.

  • Adding bank or standard accounts is simple - just follow the fields in the pop-up menu!

  • A Bank account operates differently to a standard account.

  • A Bank account can be created under any Asset or Liability class (for your flexibility i.e. loans etc.)

  • Remember, you cannot convert a bank account to a standard account (or vice-versa).

2. Edit an Account

  • To edit an account (code, name or class) simply click on the account name and the edit pop-up menu will appear.

3. Active/Inactive Accounts

  • If an account is set to Inactive, the account will not appear in the drop-down menus of any batch or journals entries.

  • This feature is for your convenience - if you do not need a group of accounts (but would prefer not to delete them) then you can de-clutter the accounts drop-down menu within batches by de-activating them temporarily.

  • You cannot de-activate an account if it has already been used in a batch in any period.

4. Balance column

  • This informs you if there has been an entry in this account in the current period.

  • With regard to the last point in Active Accounts above, if there is a tick in this cell for an account, you will be unable to de-activate the account.

5. Change Class

  • You can select multiple checkboxes to the left of the accounts, and change the class of those accounts all at once.

  • You can also change the class of a single account by clicking the account name and doing so via the Edit pop-up menu.

6. Delete Accounts

  • You can select multiple checkboxes to the left of the accounts, and delete these accounts all at once.

  • There are limits as to what accounts you can/can't delete - i.e. you cannot delete accounts with entries in them.

  • You can also consider de-activating an account rather than deleting it.

7. Import Accounts

  • You can import additional accounts using a .csv file.

  • This is very useful if you have a bunch of accounts to add at once, rather than adding them individually.

  • The on-screen instructions will guide you through this easily (click the link for 'Show rules on importing' on the import screen to assist you).

  • It is also possible to use this import functionality to change lots of account names at once (again, follow the on-screen rules on importing to see how).

8. Export Accounts

  • Use the export button to export the on-screen results to Excel.

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