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Integrating with a Sage 50 Canada Company Shared via RDA
Integrating with a Sage 50 Canada Company Shared via RDA
The steps required to integrate a Sage 50 Canada company which is shared via RDA.
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The following information relates to users of Sage 50 Canada version 2021.2 or those planning to upgrade soon.

RDA (Remote Data Access) allows applicable Sage 50 Canada users to connect to their company via the RDA process. However, there are some steps to follow to avail of this feature.

Software Requirements

  • The AutoEntry Sync App must be installed on your PC. If you have not done this, please click here to download it.

  • Before beginning to integrate your company file shared with RDA with AutoEntry, ensure you are running (at least) the 2021.2 version of Sage 50. Take note of the Sage ID assigned to the sysadmin / AutoEntry user in Sage 50 as you may need to use this to sign in on the AutoEntry Sync App.

Setup Steps - Sync App & Sage ID

Step 1

Ensure you are running the Sync App in Console mode.

This article can help confirm if you are already in console mode.

Step 2

You will also need to have a Sage ID. This link will provide guidance on setting up users for RDA using a Sage ID.

You only need to have a Sage ID for your sysadmin user (Sage ID is only required when using RDA). Only the sysadmin user has the ability to amend or set up RDA (if not already setup).

If a user does not have an email address and needs Remote Data Access, the sysadmin user has to enter their own Sage ID to allow the user to access and download a shared company. For guidance on sharing a company data file, please click here.

Integration Steps

Please Note

For the best experience with the RDA feature, you should disconnect your companies before sharing them with RDA and then re-connect using the method described below.

If you are integrating a Sage 50 Canada Pro company, ensure the company file is closed before attempting to integrate with the AutoEntry Sync App.

If you are not using Sage 50 Canada Pro and if the file is open, please ensure it is in multi-user mode.

The status bar at the bottom of the window will show you the Sage 50 version you are on, and if the company file is in multi-user mode:

Step 1

Once the Sync App has been installed/updated and you have logged in, select the company you wish to integrate with by clicking Connect.

Step 2

From the Accounting Software dropdown menu, select Sage 50 Canada and the Company Name from the Company List dropdown menu.

Step 3

In the Enable RDA section, select the checkbox indicating you wish to connect to a company shared with Sage Remote Data Access.

Step 4

If you have logged in with your Sage ID, your Sage ID email will be shown, and you can select your shared company with which you wish to integrate. Otherwise, click the Sage ID Login button and you will be prompted to sign in with your Sage ID.

Step 5

Select the RDA company.

Step 6

Once you have selected the company, enter the Sage 50 Username (this should be the AutoEntry username created in Sage 50) and Password for the user you created for that company.

Step 7

Click Connect to AutoEntry and wait for the connection. For Sage 50 companies shared via Remote Data Access, in the background, we then download a copy of your company file before connecting with it, so the connection may take a few moments depending on the speed of your internet connection and the size of your company file (for some users with larger company files the initial connection time might take several minutes).

Step 8

Once the integration is successful, you will be redirected back to the company list page of the Sync App.

Common issues with connecting and how to resolve them

  • Not logged into Sage ID - Click the Sage ID button.

    Solution: Just log into Sage ID (Click Sage ID button - while running in console mode only)

  • Connection to the company could not be established. This user name does not exist. Check that you have entered the correct user name. , ID: E118

    Solution: Ensure that the login details are correct, check the casing is correct.

  • This user does not have sufficient third-party access rights required for the connection. Please edit the access rights to allow for read/write access for a third-party.
    Solution: Ensure that the Sage 50 Accounting User created has both read/write access and Full accounting rights as seen below.

  • Please login with your Sage ID when prompted to proceed with connecting AutoEntry to the company, or stop sharing this company with Remote Data Access.
    Solution: Open the company in Sage, and you will be prompted to sign in - you should then be able to sign in with AutoEntry.

  • Another user, [email protected], is currently accessing this company. You may open the company in multi-user mode or wait for the other users to stop using the company and try again.

    Solution: Re-open the company in Multi-user mode or close Sage 50.

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