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Purchase order matching - Sage 50 Accounts UKI
Purchase order matching - Sage 50 Accounts UKI
How to use the Purchase Order (PO) matching feature in AutoEntry as a Sage 50 Accounts (UKI) user.
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In AutoEntry, you can match purchase invoices to an open and completed Purchase Order (PO) in Sage 50 Accounts. When the invoices are matched and published to Sage 50 Accounts, the PO is automatically fulfilled and linked to the AutoEntry purchase invoice.

We explain how to do this below.

Before you start

In order for the PO matching feature to work please note the following:

  • AutoEntry can only match an invoice to a PO in Sage 50 Accounts if the Delivered status of the PO is COMPLETE and the posted status is not FULL

    A PO with a Delivered status as ON ORDER or a Posted status as FULL won’t match to an invoice in AutoEntry.

  • The supplier account you select in AutoEntry must match the supplier account the PO in Sage 50 Accounts is raised against

  • The PO total must match the invoice total in AutoEntry

  • Only one invoice can be matched to one PO in Sage 50 Accounts

    You can't match multiple invoices to one PO (partially fulfilling the PO); likewise, you can't match one invoice to multiple POs (multiple POs being fulfilled by the one invoice).

  • With Line Item Extractions in AutoEntry, the invoice published from AutoEntry doesn't update the stock in Sage 50 Accounts. This is because they've already occurred when the PO was marked as complete in Sage 50 Accounts.

Step 1 – Create a purchase order in Sage 50 Accounts

Before you can match a purchase invoice, there needs to be a purchase order in Sage 50 Accounts link to.

If you haven't already created the purchase order, take a look at these Sage 50 Accounts guides:

Once you have a purchase order in Sage 50 Accounts, move onto the next step.

Step 2 – Match purchase invoice in AutoEntry

Once an invoice's data has been extracted by AutoEntry and is in your inbox, you can match it to a PO in Sage 50 Accounts.

  1. In AutoEntry, click to view the invoice.

    A Purchase Orders drop-down menu appears to the right.

  2. Select the relevant ‘COMPLETE’ PO that you want to match this invoice with.

    📎NOTE: This field isn't automatically populated by AutoEntry as it doesn't extract purchase order numbers from invoices.

  3. After you select the PO the PO number and total value shows in the PO field.

📌TIP: If you select the wrong PO, click on the 'x' to remove it, then select the correct PO instead.

PO doesn't appear

If the PO you require doesn’t appear as an option, click the re-sync button to the right of the drop-down menu. This refreshes the list of POs available.

This can take a couple of minutes to update.

Still doesn't appear after sync

If a PO doesn’t appear on the list after a sync has been performed, make sure the criteria in the Before you start section are met.

Also, ensure it hasn't already been matched to an invoice in AutoEntry.

📎NOTE: Even if you haven't published the invoice to Sage 50 Accounts yet, once selected to be matched, that PO is removed from the list of available POs when matching another invoice.

Step 3 – Publish the invoice to Sage 50 Accounts

Now you’ve matched the invoice to the PO, you can publish the invoice as normal.

Once published Sage 50 Accounts, the Posted status of the PO in Sage 50 Accounts updates to FULL.

📌TIP: You can see the PO details at any stage.

  1. In Sage 50 Accounts, click Suppliers on the side menu, then click Activity.

  2. On the list of purchase invoices, there is a small circular icon under the Type column to indicate a matched PO.

  3. Click on the icon to view the PO.

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