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Change billing user - Approving a request
Change billing user - Approving a request

How to approve the request to take ownership of another AutoEntry user's company/companies.

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In AutoEntry, you as the billing user can transfer ownership of your companies to another user. After your request is submitted, an approval email is sent to the new billing user, for them to review and approve/decline to request.

Approving the request to change billing user

When a request to transfer billing access of a company/companies is submitted to you, you first receive an email containing information and a link to review the request.

You can also open the request via the 'Change Billing User' tab of your Account Settings.

The approval process guides you through four steps - highlighting the key points to consider, questions to answer, and selections you need to make.

📎NOTE: All selections are recorded in the background for you to review later on before confirming. These steps have been carefully designed to ensure that:

  • any security permission changes you require are made, and

  • any potential data privacy questions are considered

All steps must be assessed by you (the current billing user).

  1. Review a summary of the request.

  2. Decide whether to revoke the access of any of the users under the current billing user’s account that is set to be retained for the companies being transferred.

    ⚠️CAUTION: You must read and fully understand this step before proceeding. For data privacy reasons, only the email domains of users can be displayed in this step. The text before the domains is censored.

  3. Select the first company being transferred on the left to display the email domain(s) with access to that company on the right.

  4. Review this list carefully and deselect any domain to remove their access to the company.

  5. Repeat this for each of the companies on the left. Once you complete this for all companies, click the tickbox underneath to confirm before continuing to the next step.

    📎NOTE: User access removed in this step only takes effect when the request has been approved by you.

  6. If you're a billing user of other companies already, decide whether to revoke access of any users under your own current billing account.

    ⚠️CAUTION: You must read and fully understand this step before proceeding for the process to be completed correctly.

  7. Carefully review the list of users, and deselect any user to remove their account-level access. Once you have completed this for all users, click the tickbox underneath to confirm before continuing on to the next step.

  8. If you are not already a billing user, no names appear in this list, so simply confirm that the step has been completed by clicking the tickbox before moving on.

  9. Review a summary of the request, and approve.

📎NOTE: Any billing change request will expire after 7 days if it is not approved/declined by the new billing user.

After the request is approved

Once the request has been approved by you, the following happens:

  • You receive a confirmation email

  • Any access changes made as part of the request process come into effect.

  • If the old billing user chose to transfer credits as part of the request, the transferable balance at the time of approval is transferred

  • You now have access to the companies that the old billing user transferred to you (your access to any other companies is unaffected)

  • You retain access to your Account Settings page, including the ‘Change Billing User’ tab.

📎NOTE: This process does not transfer a subscription, nor does it cancel or activate a subscription on either account. It's the responsibility of both the old and the new billing users to cancel or activate the subscription on their accounts if required.

Additional Information

  • This automated process requires the current billing user to initiate it themselves. It cannot be initiated on behalf of the current billing user

  • Sage Automation users cannot transfer their companies using this feature. If you are a Sage Automation user and wish to do so, please contact our Support team for further guidance

  • If you have any companies linked to a Fixed Price subscription, you will need to deactivate them before transferring to another user. You will also be unable to activate a company's Fixed Price subscription if that company has an 'Open' Change Billing User status

  • Access to rejected expense reports will be lost if the user loses access to the relevant company after the billing change is complete. Access to approved expense reports will become visible only to users with 'Admin' access to Expenses

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