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Change billing user - Submitting a request
Change billing user - Submitting a request

How to transfer your billing access for one or more companies to another AutoEntry user.

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AutoEntry now allows billing users to transfer ownership of their companies to another user. Once a request is submitted, an approval email is sent to the new billing user, for them to review and approve/decline to request.

Submitting a request to change billing user

Any billing user of an account can access this feature through the Account Settings.

This then guides you through the request process in six steps. It highlights the key points to consider, questions to answer, and selections to make.

📎NOTE: All selections are recorded in the background for you to review later on before confirming. These steps have been carefully designed to ensure that:

  • any security permission changes you require are made, and

  • any potential data privacy questions are considered.

All steps must be assessed by you (the current billing user).

  1. Select the nature of the request.

    There are five options, including 'Other' where the transfer would not fall into any of the previous four. Each option expands into a brief summary of the possible impact the nature of the transfer would have on your assessment of the related security permission changes required, and any data privacy questions anticipated.

    📎NOTE: This selection doesn't have any functional impact on the rest of these steps, but it will be recorded and repeated at the various key stages, such as in the summaries and emails sent to both you and the new billing user.

  2. Assess the security permissions involved with transferring ownership of a company to a new billing user.

    This step outlines the impact the request will have on user access and permissions to companies.

    ⚠️CAUTION: You must read and fully understand this step before proceeding.

  3. Select the companies you wish to transfer to the new billing user.

    You can select the company/companies on the left, and the new billing user on the right.

    📎NOTE: Only users with access to ALL selected companies display on the right.

  4. Decide whether to revoke access of any users that currently have access to the company/companies that are being transferred.

    ⚠️CAUTION: It is essential that you fully read and understand this step for the process to be completed correctly.

    Select the first company being transferred on the left to display the user(s) with access to that company on the right. Review this list carefully and deselect any user to remove their access to the company.

  5. Repeat this for each of the companies on the left. Once you have completed this for all companies, click the tickbox underneath to confirm before continuing to the next step.

    📎NOTE: User access removed in this step only takes effect when the request has been approved by the new billing user.

  6. Decide whether you would like to transfer your credit balance to the new billing user.

    📎NOTE: Credits only transfer when the request is approved by the new billing user, and this balance will reflect your own balance at the time of approval, not at the time of the request.

  7. Review a summary of the request, and click Submit Request.

After submitting the request

Once you submit the request, the following happens

  1. You will receive a confirmation email.

  2. The approving user will receive an approval email.

  3. Details of the request will be available in your Account Settings (where you can download full details of one/all requests, as well as delete any open requests).

The ability to add new users to the companies being transferred will be temporarily disabled for any users under your billing account that have “Manage People” access.

This restriction will be lifted once the request is approved and completed, but until that time. only you as the current billing user will be able to add new users to these companies. This requires an additional confirmation that the security and data privacy considerations involved have been assessed and confirmed.

The one exception to this rule is where the approving user has already initiated their approval of the request. In this case, not even the current billing user can make access changes for the companies being transferred.

📎NOTE: Any billing change request will expire after 7 days if it is not approved/declined by the new billing user.

After the request is approved

Once the request has been approved by the new billing user, the following happens:

  • You will receive a confirmation email.

  • Any access changes made as part of the request process will come into effect.

  • If you chose to transfer credits as part of the request, the transferable balance at the time of approval will be transferred.

  • You will lose access to the companies that either you or the new billing user selected to remove you from as part of the process (your access to the other companies will be unaffected).

  • The restriction on the adding of new users to the transferred companies by users under your billing account with “Manage People” access will be lifted.

  • Whether you transferred all or just some of the companies under your billing account, you will retain access to your Account Settings page, including the ‘Change Billing User’ tab.

📎NOTE: While you must have an active subscription to submit a request, this process does not transfer a subscription, nor does it cancel or activate a subscription on either account.

It is the responsibility of both the old and the new billing users to cancel or activate the subscription on their own accounts if required.

Additional Information

  • This automated process requires the current billing user to initiate it themselves. It cannot be initiated on behalf of the current billing user.

  • Sage Automation users cannot transfer their companies using this feature. If you're a Sage Automation user and wish to do so, please contact our Support team for further guidance

  • If you have any companies linked to a Fixed Price subscription, you will need to deactivate them before transferring to another user. You will also be unable to activate a company's Fixed Price subscription if that company has an 'Open' Change Billing User status

  • Access to rejected expense reports will be lost if the user loses access to the relevant company after the billing change is complete. Access to approved expense reports will become visible only to users with 'Admin' access to Expenses

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