Using 2FA Security for Sync App Users

A guide on 2 Factor Authentication security measures for users of the AutoEntry Desktop Sync App.

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This article will show you how you can avail of 2FA security features while using the AutoEntry Desktop Sync App. If you have previously received a 'Token Required' error while attempting to login to the sync app, these are also the steps you will need to follow.

Applies To

  • Users who are using the same login details for both the AutoEntry website and the sync app

  • Users who wish to enable 2FA security features for logging into the AutoEntry website

  • Users who have already enabled 2FA and cannot publish/sync any invoices to Sage 50 or QuickBooks Desktop


If you are a user of the AutoEntry Desktop Sync App and any of the above-mentioned points apply to you, it will be necessary to create an additional user account in order to use AutoEntry's 2FA feature on your main account user profile. This new account user will be solely for sync app connections.

Adding a New User for the Sync App

To add a new user, please do the following:

  1. Log out of the sync app (if you have not done so already).

  2. Click 'All People' to the top right of your screen on the AutoEntry website.

  3. Select '+ Add People', enter the new email address to use for sync app connections.

  4. Ensure that Purchase and Sales invoices are given view/edit and upload permissions (as standard).

  5. The email address entered will then receive an invite email. Once you open that email and complete the steps to confirm its access, assign a new password for it. Those will then be the sync app's login details going forward.

  6. Log back into the sync app with the new email address and password.

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