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Error: 'Attachment could not be posted. API Http error.'
Error: 'Attachment could not be posted. API Http error.'

How to clear this error when publishing an invoice to Sage Accounting.

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When you publish an invoice to Sage Accounting you may see the error below.

Attachment could not be posted. API Http error.

This is due to limitations within Sage Accounting relating to the file size limit to attachments. In Sage Accounting you can only attach files that are smaller than 2.5MB.

To resolve this error, follow the steps below.

  1. Save the invoice image to your PC

    Click to view the invoice from your Inbox, and select the PDF download button on the bottom right corner of that screen.

  2. Manually attach it to the transaction in Sage Accounting.

📎NOTE: This error doesn't mean that the extracted invoice data has not been published to Sage Accounting, it only relates to the invoice image attachment.

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