Xero Tracking Categories

The steps required to set up Tracking Categories in Xero.

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In order for your Tracking Categories to reflect in AutoEntry, the category name and options first need to be present in Xero. If your company's Tracking Categories were set up in AutoEntry prior to integrating with Xero, they will be replaced by the ones set in Xero once you do integrate.

To create Tracking Categories in Xero, please do the following:

  1. Login to your Xero account (go.xero.com).

  2. Within the Accounting menu, select Advanced > Tracking Categories.

  3. Click + Add Tracking Category.

  4. Enter the Tracking Category name and options (example below).

  5. Click Save.

Once saved and you have logged back into AutoEntry, please complete one of these options:

  • If your company is not integrated, please follow these steps to do so.

  • If your company is already integreated with Xero, please follow these steps to disconnect, and these steps to reconnect.

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